Case Study

Motor Cut Case Study

Motor Cut: Transforming Vehicle Advertisements with Innovative AI and Custom Background Integration

Client Introduction

Chris is an inventive businessperson with a sharp eye for distinguishing novel open doors inside the auto business, Chris imagined a stage that would change how vehicles are publicized on the web. Perceiving the possibility to consolidate innovation with imagination, Chris moved toward us to bring his visionary task, Motor Cut, to life. His commitment to further developing the vehicle deals process through cutting-edge computerized arrangements drives the center mission of Motor Cut, planning to set new principles in the car advertisement sector

Project Introduction

Motor Cut is a state-of-the-art online tool created to revolutionize the automotive advertising industry. By uploading pictures of cars and changing the background, users may make eye-catching advertisements that offer a special fusion of originality and ease of use. Designed to serve both private sellers and dealerships, Motor Cut distinguishes itself by offering a customizable platform with user-friendly features like promo coupons, image flagging, and Google verification for a safe registration process. Motor Cut is positioned to revolutionize the way automobiles are presented in the digital era because of its cutting-edge technological stack, which includes NEXT.js, FastAPI, and PostgreSQL.


The primary objective of Motor Cut was to provide a user-friendly platform that simplifies the creation of professional-looking vehicle adverts. Through the integration of advanced technologies and a focus on user engagement, Motor Cut aimed to elevate the standard of digital vehicle advertisements by offering customizable backgrounds, efficient processing capabilities, and promotional incentives through coupon codes.

Technical and Operational Challenges

The development journey of Motor Cut was marked by several significant challenges:

  • Stripe Integration: Implementing Stripe as the payment gateway required meticulous attention to detail to ensure secure and efficient payment transactions, including coupon redemption.
  • Coupon Generation and Redemption: Developing a robust system for creating and managing coupon codes presented operational challenges, particularly in ensuring seamless user experience and administrative control.
  • UI Development According to Figma Designs: The requirement to replicate the client-provided Figma designs pixel-perfectly into a functional NEXT.js application demanded precision and technical proficiency.
  • Google Authentication Integration: Implementing a secure and user-friendly login mechanism using Google’s authentication system posed its own set of challenges, particularly in maintaining user data privacy and security.

Solutions and Implementation

To overcome these challenges, our team deployed a multi-faceted approach:

  • Advanced UI Development in NEXT.js: By leveraging NEXT.js, we crafted a visually stunning and responsive user interface that not only matched the Figma designs exactly but also provided a seamless user experience. This included dynamic background selection and image upload functionalities.
  • API Development with FastAPI: Our use of FastAPI for backend development facilitated the creation of efficient, scalable APIs that support the application’s core functionalities, including image processing, coupon management, and user authentication.
  • Stripe Payment Integration: Through meticulous coding and testing, we successfully integrated Stripe, ensuring a secure and smooth payment process for users availing of premium features.
  • Custom Coupon System: We developed a custom coupon system that allows admins to generate discount codes for users, fostering engagement and incentivizing the use of the platform.
  • Secure Google Authentication: By integrating Google’s authentication system, we provided users with a secure and convenient login method, enhancing the overall user experience.

Impact of Solutions

The implementation of these solutions significantly advanced the Motor Cut project, resulting in:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The intuitive design and simplified process for creating vehicle adverts have led to increased user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Advertisement Creation: Users can now effortlessly create professional-looking adverts with custom backgrounds, improving the visual appeal of their vehicle listings.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: The admin side of the platform benefits from streamlined management of coupons and flagged images, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Since its launch, Motor Cut has made a notable impact in the vehicle advertisement sector by providing a platform that:

  • Facilitates Creative Advertisement: Users have the flexibility to customize their vehicle adverts, leading to unique and eye-catching listings.
  • Promotes User Incentivization: With the coupon system, Motor Cut encourages platform engagement and repeat usage.
  • Ensures High-Quality Standards: The fidelity to the Figma designs in the UI development has set a new benchmark for quality in web app aesthetics.


Motor Cut exemplifies how technological innovation and a user-centric approach can redefine industry standards. By addressing the specific needs of vehicle advertisement creation and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the project not only fulfilled its initial objectives but also positioned itself as a pivotal tool for the future of digital vehicle marketing. The success of Motor Cut serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, technical excellence, and strategic vision in transforming ideas into reality.



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