Fostering Startup Growth

Our Story of Empowerment and Innovation

At Cortech, we, a group of four driven young founders, are at the forefront of enhancing a thriving startup ecosystem. Established six years ago and registered as an LLC in Texas, we have grown into a cornerstone of tech innovation and support. Our service-based company is wholeheartedly committed to aiding startups, offering them the necessary tools, insights, and assistance to prosper in the dynamic digital world.

Our team consists of 50 expert developers, each possessing a wealth of knowledge and a strong dedication to their craft, propelling Cortech beyond a mere business into a center of technological innovation and creative solutions. It is our mission to be more than just a company; we aim to be a driving force in the tech community, fostering the growth and shaping the future of technology.


Our Mission is to bring innovation through AI and Robotics.


Our vision is to Facilitate the Tech Startup Ecosystem.


Through Full Stack and AI we bring innovation to your idea.


Driving the future of tech startups with AI and robotics.

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Our Services

Our Comprehensive IT and Software Services We specializes in a wide range of IT services, from web development using technologies like PHP, Laravel, and WordPress to cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions, including machine learning, deep learning, generative AI, and natural language processing.

Our expertise extends to cloud services, providing
scalable and efficient solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in our diverse and exclusive service portfolio, designed to drive success and technological advancement for our clients

Our Professional Strengths

The Expertise We Offer

We excel in a wide range of technical domains, offering versatile and innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of the industry. 

Full Stack Development 90%
Web Development 80%
AI Services 75%