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What if we tell you, 87% of businesses report improved customer traffic and conversion with WordPress solutions. And at Cortech, we can make it your story. Two out of three websites use WordPress, underscoring its importance in business growth. A solid WordPress site builds customer trust, enhances user experience, and adapts to changing needs.


We use PHP for custom features, JavaScript for interactivity, HTML5 for structure, CSS3 for layouts, SQL for databases, and JSON via the REST API for seamless integration. From custom themes to plugin development, Cortech provides a WordPress solution that enhances performance and meets your business needs.

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WordPress Design and Development

Custom Theme Development

WordPress Plugin Development

Theme and Plugin Customization

WooCommerce Store Development

WordPress Website Migration

Payment Method and CRM Integration

SEO-Optimized WordPress Website

Custom Security Measures

WordPress Design and Development

At Cortech, we excel in WordPress design and development, using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript ES13 to craft responsive, interactive websites. Our expertise with PHP ensures custom themes and plugins enhance your site’s functionality and user experience. We also use WP Rocket and CDNs for faster page loads. By incorporating Media Query, we guarantee Perfect responsiveness across all devices.

Custom Theme Development

We specialize in custom theme development, employing HTML5, CSS3, and PHP to create unique themes that align with your brand’s visual identity. Our themes are responsive, SEO-friendly, and styled with frameworks like Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS for modern aesthetics. We also test them rigorously to ensure compatibility with various browsers and devices.

WordPress Plugin Development

Our team develops custom WordPress plugins using PHP and JavaScript, adding features to meet your specific needs. We prioritize smooth integration and high performance to expand your website’s capabilities, and we follow WordPress coding standards for compatibility. Our plugins are crafted to reduce bloat and maintain your website’s overall speed.

Theme and Plugin Customization

At Cortech, we modify themes and plugins to meet your requirements, using CSS3 and PHP for design and functionality adjustments that help distinguish your site while maintaining performance. We also keep an eye on updates to ensure compatibility and security. Our team ensures that any customization aligns smoothly with your existing website structure.

WooCommerce Store Development

We create WooCommerce stores using PHP and integrate e-commerce solutions for easy product management, secure payments, and a user-friendly shopping experience. Our stores include features like inventory tracking and customizable product filters. We also implement conversion-optimized checkout processes for better sales performance.

WordPress Website Migration

Our website migration service ensures a smooth move to new hosting environments, using tools and scripts to transfer data efficiently while preserving SEO rankings. We also conduct thorough testing to verify that everything works correctly after the migration. Our migration process includes comprehensive backups to prevent data loss.

Payment Method and CRM Integration

We integrate various payment methods and CRM systems into your WordPress site, using APIs to streamline transaction processing and customer management. Our approach ensures accurate data flow, and we offer payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal for convenience. This helps provide customers with an easy and reliable way to transact.

SEO-Optimized WordPress Website

We build SEO-optimized WordPress websites that rank well in search engines, using clean HTML5 and tools like Yoast SEO to enhance online visibility. Our approach includes metadata optimization, proper site structure, and internal linking to boost your ranking. This combination draws more organic traffic and increases engagement.

Custom Security Measures

Our custom security measures protect your WordPress site against potential threats. We implement SSL protocols, firewalls, and regular security scans to ensure your website stays secure. Additionally, we set up multi-factor authentication and role-based access to prevent unauthorized access. We conduct regular security audits to find and resolve flaws.

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Our Step-by-Step Innovation Process

Consultation & Documentation

We clarify your goals and requirements while developing a clear vision for your WordPress site.

Technical Analysis & Architecture Planning

We design a scalable architecture and technical plan that aligns with your business needs.

UI/UX Development

We create visually appealing, user-friendly UI/UX designs that enhance user engagement.


Our developers build custom themes, plugins, and backend features while ensuring smooth API integration.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We thoroughly test for performance, security, and responsiveness to guarantee a Perfect launch.

Launch & Feedback

We launch your site, gather feedback, and fine-tune everything for optimal satisfaction.

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Exceptional WordPress Web Solutions

Client-Focused Strategies

Your goals guide our design and development, allowing us to craft a WordPress solution that increases leads, strengthens your brand, and boosts online sales.

Sales-Oriented Sites

Our designs include clear calls-to-action, simplified navigation, and data-driven testing to build sites that convert visitors into customers.

Industry Insight

We stay current with the latest design trends and technology updates to ensure your WordPress site remains relevant and effective in reaching your audience.

Development Expertise

Our team excels at developing WordPress sites with custom themes and plugins that deliver Effortless navigation, smooth performance, and a user experience aligned with your brand identity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your WordPress site can be converted to WooCommerce, and additional features can be integrated to support future business growth. This allows your website to serve customers more effectively and adapt to changing business needs.

Domain registration and web hosting services are available to provide an all-in-one solution for your website needs. This ensures an Uncomplicated setup process and reliable hosting for smooth performance.

Custom plugins can be developed and existing ones modified to ensure that your website has the exact functionality you require. This flexibility lets you offer unique features and improve the user experience.

Yes, converting PSD designs into fully functional WordPress themes is a core capability, ensuring your vision translates seamlessly to the web. The final theme will faithfully represent your design down to the smallest detail.

Your WordPress website can be made ADA-accessible through careful design and development that follow the appropriate guidelines. This makes sure that all users, regardless of ability, can navigate your site effectively.

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